Key Takeaways from the Mobile World Congress 2016. As a wearables executive noted during the 2016 Mobile World Congress, companies are working together to bake the cake before they can slice it up. That would explain why so much about emerging technologies seems half-baked right now.

| GE | March 1, 2016

Changing the game of digital industry. Our team is in the middle of a very dynamic, fast-paced and competitive game that many would find hard to believe is the modern rail industry. But the heavy industrial world is meeting the digital world head on—we have to adapt our playbook and solutions, or we risk losing the game.

| GE | February 25, 2016

The industrial internet shifts CIO strategy. By now, most companies are aware that the industrial Internet can help them increase productivity and make their businesses more efficient. The question then is how to get started.

| GE | February 25, 2016

2016: A wearables odyssey

APX Labs has carved its wearables niche in developing software for major names in oil, gas and defense (including General Electric, an investor and customer). The company is near the front of the pack for manufacturing wearables—and its smart glasses are poised for a big 2016.

| GE | February 24, 2016

Partnerships fuel industrial internet growth. It’s a central paradox of technology: Competition fuels business, but getting fledgling technologies off the ground requires sharing and partnerships. That’s true of the industrial Internet as well.

| GE | February 24, 2016

Mobile World Congress Day 2: The industrial internet shakes up major industries. If there was any doubt that the post-mobile age is going to revolutionize pretty much every business, top industry executives are stepping forward to share how the industrial Internet is recasting the disparate auto, agriculture and healthcare sectors.

| GE | February 23, 2016

Mobile World Congress Day 1: Facebook, 5G and Industrial Wearables. The 2016 Mobile World Congress provided a glimpse of the emerging industrial Internet and the tantalizing prospect of 5G, the high-speed wireless network, but the industry will have to wait a few years for full implementation.

| GE | February 22, 2016