Postgraduate studies can put your career on the fast track

The world is getting more complex and interconnected, and so too are the jobs it requires. Demand for individuals with specialized skills is high in industry and the government sector. Increasingly, companies and public agencies need experts with in-depth knowledge to help solve seemingly intractable problems, ranging from demand forecasting to preventing the next pandemic. […]

Top reasons to head to grad school

The numbers show that getting a master’s or doctorate usually pays off. People with post-graduate degrees generally earn more than colleagues with only a bachelor’s, and they often report higher levels of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Finance graduates in big demand as hiring heats up

The 2008 market meltdown brought big changes to the way banks, investment houses and other players operate in the finance industry. It’s brought about a lowered tolerance for risk, along with stricter compliance regulations and accounting controls. The crisis’s aftereffects aren’t limited to Wall Street—it’s changed how finance students prepare for their careers. Industry professionals […]

Global warming brings more opportunities in environment studies

Managing the health of our environment is one of the most critical tasks facing governments, corporations and non-governmental agencies throughout the world. Global warming, alternative energy, sustainable manufacturing and other issues are top of mind for policy makers and executives at all levels. One of their biggest challenges when tackling these concerns is to find […]

Master’s in international relations: Practical training in a volatile world

These days, commerce, trade, diplomacy and politics are ever more interdependent and fast-moving. War, arms deals, embargos and other scenarios dominate the headlines and ripple globally, affecting both public and private organizations. That’s why governments at all levels, as well as corporations and nonprofits, need employees who can anticipate, manage and react to worldwide events. […]

Government hiring trends

Graduate students often set their sights on hot industries like tech, health care or investment banking. But another career path brings professional fulfillment, job security and competitive salaries—the government sector.

Guide to Graduate Education Spring 2016

The graduate school process can be daunting for prospective students. Pursuit of a degree or certificate consumes their daily activities for four years or more—from the day they dip their toe into the water and research programs, to their headlong splash at graduation. They spend months examining schools, obtaining transcripts and letters of recommendation, taking […]

A higher degree of learning, with flexibility in mind

The typical student seeking a master of professional studies or advanced public policy degree, university leaders say, is secure in a job, juggling family demands and motivated to quickly complete a degree or certificate. Professional studies programs in the greater Washington, D.C. region draw from a variety of academic disciplines and educate students face-to-face, online […]

Grad schools groom future business leaders

University leaders and employers agree that a master of business administration is among the more coveted graduate degrees and a door-opener to a job and career advancement. About three years ago, Georgetown University increased the size of its incoming full-time MBA class to 270 from 250, while boosting its average Graduate Management Admission Test score. […]