The right directions

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has been among the most far-reaching innovations of the past 50 years. Operated by the U.S. Air Force, the technology uses satellite signals to determine a precise location and synchronize time around the world. It’s been instrumental in the development of everything from drones and mobile maps to the infrastructure […]

Eyes on the earth

Satellites touch our daily lives in profound ways, such as climate change and meteorology, farming, construction, mining, surveying, supply chain management, security and more.

The F-35: How it works

The F-35 is the future of stealth technology. This plane is designed for total mission success, with the most survivable yet lethal cockpit environment to date.

Machines evolve to help, but not replace, humans

The essence of the digital age is that machines talk to one another. Whether it’s our laptop talking to a server or a toaster that tweets, machines are being built to communicate. Machines no longer just mechanize human tasks as they have since the industrial age – they are adapting and changing the way we think, interact and live.

How the fantasy of invisibility becomes reality in the sky

When asked, “What kind of superpower would you like to have,” most of us say “invisibility.” Even Derek Jeter. Invisibility, like the ability to fly, is the stuff of childhood dreams. And for decades, cloaking devices have been a favorite plot device of science-fiction and fantasy classics like “Star Trek,” “Harry Potter” and “Doctor Who.”