Success after service

Veterans transitioning into civilian life face unique challenges, but possess unique skills to conquer them. Knowing what to expect and putting yourself on the right path are critical to finding success after service. Remember, there are others who have made—or are making—the journey. And they can help.   Going from combat to classroom Learn how […]

Click here to spot the enemy

Ding. Ding. Ding. Intruder alert! The desktop chimes grabbed the intelligence analyst’s full attention. These were not instant message signals, but alerts from the Intersect Sentry app, a software tool that allows human analysts to comb through vast troves of incoming data and spot significant developments in real time. The analyst was stationed in the […]

3-D printing: A training aid for astronauts

The astronauts of Apollo 13 had a life-threatening problem to solve. They had to move from the command module to the lunar module, and their carbon dioxide scrubbers—little filters that make the air breathable – weren't fitting quite right. The circular scrubbers needed to fit in a square space.

Flying a telescope

NASA calls it "the premier observatory of the next decade." The James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled to launch in 2018, will provide new insight into some of the biggest secrets of the universe. Operated by ground controls from Raytheon, the telescope will peer at the first stars and galaxies in the universe, capturing infrared light that has been traveling for billions of years.

The soldier with 100 eyes

The Pentagon has a vision: to create the omniscient foot soldier. Future fighters will connect to squad mates, support personnel and robots that can fly around corners or crawl through debris to spot hidden threats. That vision is becoming real at Raytheon.

Into the eye of the storm

It’s small, it’s quick and it came from the desert, so they called it Coyote. Only this Coyote can fly. For an hour. In a hurricane. Coyote is a remote-controlled airplane that steps in when the job is too risky for manned aircraft.

Six cybersecurity questions every CEO should ask

It wasn’t long ago that businesses still saw cybersecurity as a problem for information technology people to handle. But a wave of aggressive, sophisticated commercial cyberattacks has changed that way of thinking, and CEOs now know it’s their responsibility to ensure their companies are meeting that challenge.