As oil prices plummet, Algeria’s private sector drives investment

One can’t talk about Algeria without mentioning its role as energy leader. With 70 percent of its population under the age of 35, the largest country in Africa, the Mediterranean Rim and the Arab world has more than enough energy to channel and to sell. But at what price? Since 2014, oil prices have plummeted […]

In Algeria, public service is a sacred issue

Q&A with Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal A member of the first generation to be educated in an independent Algeria, the head of the Algerian government considers public service to be a sacred issue. “Africa is today in motion, and in many areas it will fashion a future for the world,” Sellal said. Can you explain […]

Algeria positions itself as a force for peace in the region

In a troubled region, Algeria plays a key role in the stability of North Africa and the Sahel. Algeria’s undeniable assets have enabled it to become a regional power. “While remaining attached to the ideals that have always guided our diplomacy, it will continue to prove its capacity of adaptation and creativity,” said Ramtane Lamamra, […]

Algerian industry marches forward

Achieving 7 percent growth in non-oil sectors is Algeria’s short-term economic objective and the strategy that relies largely on the country’s industrial strength. Heading these efforts is Abdesselam Bouchouareb, minister of industry and mines, who has several tools at his disposal. To strengthen the new approach to growth, the Ministry of Industry presents a roadmap […]

Algeria’s finance sector breathes life into the economy

Algeria is facing a major economic challenge due to the fall in petrol prices in the last two years. Painful economic and social adjustments lie ahead as forecasts expect inflation to reach 4 percent. The Government is committed to breaking away from the oil-based economy over the next decade. “The Government has taken a proactive […]

Algeria holds surprises for the adventurous traveler

The largest country in Africa boasts a pristine Mediterranean coastline, fertile green highlands, snow- peaked mountains and the majestic Sahara down south. Unlike its immediate neighbors Tunisia and Morocco, Algeria is not a busy tourist destination, yet it is a country of rare beauty. It’s a continent in itself, and worth exploring. If you are […]

Algeria is experiencing a housing boom

The last 17 years has seen a boom in Algeria’s development of roads, bridges, railways, dams, ports, universities, hospitals, and housing—at a colossal public investment of $65 billion between 2010 and 2014. “Housing is an essential component of the public investment programs,” said Abdelmadjid Tebboune, minister of housing and urban planning. The housing occupancy rate […]