Commercially derived carbon braking systems enhance airplane efficiency

What does it take to safely stop a 150,000-pound aircraft in its tracks? While this is a complex process, the main answer is the brakes. Traditional steel brakes have played this essential role in bringing speeding aircraft to a halt for more than 75 years, but today, innovative, long-lasting and lightweight carbon brakes are triggering […]

Going up? In an increasingly urban world, energy efficient elevators are imperative.

The world’s growing urban population presents unique challenges for our resources and land development, and will require sustainable infrastructure that can do more with less. As buildings rise higher and become more intelligent, efficient elevator and escalator systems will have a significant impact, allowing more people to travel farther and more efficiently. Elevators and escalators […]

The next generation of eco-friendly airplanes has arrived…quietly

In the debate about the environment, airplanes can be the elephant in the room. Much like the elephant, their size works for and against them. They can haul several hundred people at once but have a reputation for being big, loud, gas-guzzling machines. How can they reduce carbon emissions, be more fuel-efficient and cut down […]

Four ways upgraded ejection seat modifications can keep our pilots safe

Innovative technology and design reduce the risk for U.S. aircrew who eject in an emergency.  An aircraft ejection seat is a pilot’s last resort in an emergency. When a pilot pulls the ejection handle, the aircraft’s canopy is jettisoned and the pilot is launched out of the cockpit and into the sky at rocket-like speed. […]