Recipe Finder 2.0: A prettier, easier, more effective way to plan your meals

Bigger photos. Larger, more readable type. A better search function. The ability to rate, comment, share, save — even to scale ingredient amounts up and down to coincide with the size of your dinner party.

Our vastly upgraded Recipe Finder database debuts just in time for all your holiday meal-planning, with new and improved features we hope will make it an indispensable resource.screen1

It’s the first wholesale redesign since the Recipe Finder’s 2006 launch, and the differences are obvious at first click: It’s prettier than ever, built for easier reading but also designed to finally take full advantage of the Food section’s recipe photography (much of it beautifully shot by former staffer Deb Lindsey). But this is more than mere aesthetics. The upgrade also brings you:

Better searching. It’s more intuitive and effective, making it more likely that you can find that cranberry tart recipe you vaguely remember from a few years back — plus more that you hadn’t even thought of. We’ll also recommend other recipes we think you’ll like.



Ratings and reviews. We offered this function for a time, but lost it a couple of years ago when we changed commenting services. It’s back and easier to use than ever; the comments now work the same way they do throughout the Post’s Web site.


Sharing. As throughout the site, you can now easily share a recipe through Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Scaling. Find a casserole that serves four, but you’re having 12 for dinner? Or want to take a stir-fry that serves six and make it for just you and your spouse, with no leftovers generated? For our most popular recent recipes and all new ones going forward, the new Recipe Finder lets you choose the number of servings, automatically adjusting the amounts of ingredients to match. We’re hoping to eventually include this function on many of the 5,000-plus recipes in the system.

screen5Feedback. The Recipe Finder will have a more prominent link to e-mail the Food section with recipe questions. We’d love to hear what you think.


See the new Recipe Finder.