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There’s more than ever to like at Nostos since the Greek restaurant, a sibling to Mykonos Grill in Rockville, added another room to its winning formula last year. The extra space adds 30 seats and builds on an attractive brand of neat, chalk-white interiors and black-and-white photographs of both celebrities and fishermen. The menu has grown, too, and now includes a Greek version of French bouillabaisse and cheesecake baked with manouri (think feta, only creamier and less salty). What enticed me from Day 1 continues to keep my attention: warm pita for swabbing whipped fish roe, a mama-style bowl of lemony chicken soup, and succulent, oregano-flecked lamb chops arranged with pencil-thin asparagus and golden roasted potatoes. The clientele — business suits, couples on dates, what appears to be a family reunion — underscores the restaurant’s mass appeal. “Time for surgery!” announces the waiter as he rolls out a whole branzino and fillets the Mediterranean catch with the skill of a real doctor. The fish comes with colorful vegetables — carrots, zucchini, red bell peppers — that taste as if each had been attended to by its own cook. No matter the picture outside, it’s always sunny at Nostos.