Fatal police shootings captured by body cameras, 2015

Fatal police shootings captured by body cameras, 2015

Fatal police shootings captured by body cameras, 2015

Published on October 8, 2015

As part of a year-long investigation into fatal police shootings, the Post obtained the following footage captured by police body cameras. Read our full story on the use of body cameras by police.

Editor's note: These videos contain graphic images and language.

Autumn Steele in Burlington, Iowa

Autumn Steele, a 34-year-old woman, was shot and killed on Jan. 6 in Burlington, Iowa. Officials released just a 12-second excerpt of 28 minutes of video that shows Steele pulling at her husband’s jacket as the officer arrives. Their dog barks, the officer yells, “Get your dog!” and fires twice. The officer said he was aiming at the dog and accidentally shot Steele.
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(Burlington Police Department)

James Dudley Barker in Salt Lake City

Barker, a 42-year-old man armed with a shovel, was shot on Jan. 8 in Salt Lake City. According to police, Barker was looking for work clearing snow from home sidewalks and was shot after he hit a Salt Lake City police officer with his shovel.
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(Salt Lake City Police Department)

John Edward O'Keefe in Albuquerque

O'Keefe, a 34-year-old man armed with a gun, was shot on Jan. 13 on a street in Albuquerque. He fired at Albuquerque police officers during a foot chase.
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(Albuquerque Police Department)

Terence Walker in Muskogee, Okla.

Walker, a 21-year-old man armed with a gun, was shot on Jan. 17 in Muskogee, Okla. During a foot chase, Walker dropped a gun, picked it up and turned toward the Muskogee police officer with it in his hand.
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(Muskogee Police Department)

Theodore Johnson in Cleveland

Johnson, a 64-year-old man armed with a gun, was shot on March 10 in an apartment building in Cleveland. Johnson opened fire on Cleveland police officers, who were investigating a report of a domestic disturbance.
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(Cleveland Police Department)

Eric Harris in Tulsa

Harris was shot by a reserve deputy in Tulsa during an altercation with police on April 2. The 44-year-old was shot as he was trying to flee an undercover operation, authorities said. The reserve deputy later said he thought he was deploying his Taser rather than his gun. The officer was charged with manslaughter.
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(Tulsa County Sheriff's Office via Tulsa World)

Donald Allen in Sand Springs, Okla.

Allen was shot on April 11 in a yard in Sand Springs, Okla. Allen, a 66-year-old veteran who was schizophrenic, pointed his gun at a Sand Springs police officer who had been called to investigate gunshots in the neighborhood.
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(Sand Springs Police Department)

Mark W. Adair in Columbia, Mo.

Adair, a 51-year-old man armed with an air pistol, was shot on April 15 in Columbia, Mo. Columbia and University of Missouri police officers were seeking Adair in connection to a robbery when the officers encountered him in a parking garage at the University of Missouri.
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(Missouri University Police Department)

Thaddeus McCarroll in Jennings, Mo.

McCarroll, a 23-year-old man armed with a knife, was shot on April 17 in Jennings, Mo. McCarroll barricaded himself in his mother's house and then charged St. Louis County police officers with a knife. Police said he was mentally distressed.
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(St. Louis County Police via YouTube)

Todd Jamal Dye in Trinidad, Colo.

Dye, a 20-year-old man armed with a gun, was shot in a trailer on April 24 in Trinidad, Colo. Dye was trespassing in the trailer. A Trinidad police officer was called to the scene. He ordered Dye to get to the ground but he ran, turned and then pointed a gun at the officer.
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(Trinidad Police Department)

James Michael Todora in Las Vegas

Todora, a 54-year-old man armed with a gun, was shot on July 10 in Las Vegas. After being pulled over for a routine traffic stop, Todora said “I'm going to shoot myself” as he reached for a gun. Todora fired a single shot and the officer returned fire.
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(Las Vegas Police Department via YouTube)

Sam DuBose in Cincinnati

DuBose, a 43-year-old unarmed man, was shot during a July 19 traffic stop in Cincinnati. As DuBose attempted to drive away, a University of Cincinnati police officer shot him in the head. The officer was later charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter. The footage has been edited by WCPO to blur the victim's face.
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(Hamilton County Prosecutors Office)