Inside the RNC in 360

Explore the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 360

We took the new Google Jump 360 degree camera to this year's GOP convention. Explore some of our favorite scenes below. Related: Explore the DNC in 360


Published on July 21, 2016

Outside, with a country singer who writes ballads for Trump

(Dalton Bennett)

A crowd gathers around Kraig Moss, a 57-year-old Trump supporter, as he busks on Fourth Street in downtown Cleveland on Tuesday. Protesters, street vendors and media workspaces lined the road to Quicken Loans Arena as a slow-moving crowd -- which included delegates and tourists -- paused to take pictures and take in the atmosphere.

On the convention floor with the Virginia delegation after Tuesday's roll call

(Dalton Bennett)

The Virginia delegation watches as Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge addresses the floor. Ahead of Trump officially receiving the nomination, controversy swirled as delegates unhappy with their party’s inevitable choice pushed for a last minute battle on the convention floor. Head of the Virginia delegation and Cruz backer, former state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II played a prominent role in the quixotic fight and ultimately failed effort.

At the foot of the stage for the Pledge of Allegiance

(Dalton Bennett)

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus gaveled the convention into session on Wednesday marking the start of the evening. Before speakers began, the colors were presented by a Boy Scouts group followed by the pledge of allegiance.

On the convention floor, celebrating with the New York delegation

(Dalton Bennett)

The New York delegation danced for their native son, Donald Trump, ahead of the much-anticipated speech by Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence. Grooving and shaking to “My Sharona,” the mood was festive.

In the crowd, as Mike Pence addresses the delegates

(Dalton Bennett)

The Republican vice presidential nominee, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, addresses a packed arena of delegates. Green capped whips for the Trump campaign instructed their delegations to cheer as the governor laid out his vision for the remainder of the campaign. Soon Pence’s raucous welcome would be overshadowed by Sen. Ted Cruz’s decision not to endorse Trump during his speech.

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