New York Fashion Week 2016: Tommy Hilfiger in 360

Explore the chaotic carnival of Tommy Hilfiger in 360

We took a Google Jump 360 camera to the designer’s New York Fashion Week show. Hilfiger rented out a pier and set up a miniature carnival as the backdrop to his fall 2016 collection in collaboration with model Gigi Hadid. (Editor’s note: Some of the background music contains explicit language.) —

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Published on September 13, 2016

On the runway with posing models

(Nicki DeMarco)

After the show, some models stick around to pose for photographers and fans. The show and carnival — complete with a Ferris wheel and long strands of industrial lights — took place on Pier 16, which was dubbed “Tommy Pier” for the night.

With carnival-goers as they play games

(Nicki DeMarco)

The show was meant to create “fun, inspiring experiences that fuse fashion and entertainment,” according to Hilfiger in a news release. Attendees could play the classic strongman game, hop on the glowing Ferris wheel or sway to the blaring music.

Near the Tornado ride as cleanup begins

(Nicki DeMarco)

Even as the fun and games rage on, it’s time to stack the chairs from the runway show and pick up trash on the boardwalk floor. The Tornado ride continues to twirl in the background.