The Washington Post Creative Group, Dropbox and Mediahub launch “Guess The Celeb?,” a gamified experience on The Washington Post

Washington Post Creative Group (The Washington Post)

By Washington Post PR

January 5, 2022 (updated February 1, 2022 at 1:54 AM EST)

Interactive campaign invites readers to guess the identities of two mystery stars based on their digital files

The Washington Post Creative Group, Dropbox and Mediahub today announced the launch of a new, interactive experience inviting readers to guess a celebrity based on the contents of their Dropbox folder. The game builds on Dropbox’s “For all things worth saving” campaign, which highlights the significant and sentimental content people save in their digital folders.

“Our readers want to be both informed and delighted, and they turn to The Washington Post equally for incisive news reporting and lifestyle coverage, including profiles of significant individuals,” said Scott Weisenthal, Head of The Washington Post Creative Group. “With this new interactive campaign, we can complement what the newsroom does so well, letting readers discover more about these celebrities and the issues they are passionate about.”

Readers can explore select contents of two celebrity Dropbox folders on a first-of-its-kind gamified homepage takeover of The Washington Post by scrolling through items that are important to them such as recipes, text messages, and photos. Alongside the files will be quotes from the celebrity about why they saved these items. The conclusion of the interactive game will reveal the celebrity’s identity.

“If files could talk, what stories would they tell? This is the question we explored by partnering with The Washington Post Creative Group and Mediahub. We know that the lives of our favorite public figures are often shrouded in mystery. By providing an exclusive glimpse of what these celebrities hold most meaningful in Dropbox, we hope to inspire viewers to also reflect and save what’s most precious to them,” said Dani Hussey, Head of Brand Marketing at Dropbox.

“We knew our audience was craving connection and prioritizing community in a post-COVID world so we double-downed on showcasing Dropbox as the human-centric brand they are and their belief that files are not just files, they are glimpses of who people are and what is most important to them. This partnership humanizes celebrities’ Dropbox files and incites consumer participation - ultimately allowing space for the valued connection our audience is after,” said Kathryn Cucuzza, Associate Media Director at Mediahub.

The campaign will be live through the end of the year, refreshing midway through with a second celebrity reveal.