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The largest print reach in the Washington D.C. Metro Area.


The Washington Post serves high net worth decision-makers who yield influence across government, business and NGOs.


Our readers are educated and professional consumers, Washington is home to some of the wealthiest US counties (7 of 10).


1.5MM local print readers are deeply engaged in Washington Post content, spending nearly an hour with our platform.

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The Washington Post



USA Today


Wall Street Journal


New York Times


Largest print reach in the Washington D.C. Metro Area

Scarborough Research 2021

Note: Print reach based on weekly usage, including the Sunday edition (WSJ & USA Today do not print Sunday editions).

Essential audiences

Engaging, informing and entertaining the most influential of minds.


Mins. spent with daily edition

Washington Market and Media Study

1 in 10

DC leaders in print

Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Study


Minutes spent with Sunday edition

Washington Market and Media Study


Beltway Influencers

Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leaders Study

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Washington Post Newspaper

The power of print is in your hands.

There are endless advertising opportunties with The Washington Post Newspaper including custom executions, inserts, and campaign specific wraps and preprints.


Metro is home to Washington’s comprehensive and insightful news coverage and commentary relating to the Washington DMA.


One of the nation’s largest sports news staffs reports on local, regional, national and international sports events with scores, features and commentary.


Home to daily coverage of fashion, literature, and culture reporting from many perspectives.

Health & Science

Provides coverage and analysis of health, healthcare, nutrition and fitness news in Tuesday’s Washington Post.


Nationally recognized by the Association of Food Journalists in 2018 as the Best Newspaper Food Coverage.

Local Living

Home décor and improvement ideas, gardening how-to’s, parenting & wellness, community news and listings.


Entertainment news, music, dining reviews & listings.

Real Estate

Washington’s most frequent and most relied upon local resource for listings, neighborhood information, market news, and buying & selling tools & tips.

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How can we help?

Our dedicated client partners are always on hand, ready to help you harness the power of The Washington Post.


Washington Post Magazine

A smart, entertaining snapshot of the interesting people, places, and events that make Washington unique.

A showcase for important voices and perspectives you can’t find anywhere else.

The Washington Post’s Magazine delivers some of the newsroom’s most ambitious, long-form journalism projects. Its editorial mix provides a safe harbor for readers to retreat from the news cycle and explore their own position on any given issue.

Make your print campaigns leap off the page with our unique custom executions.

The Washington Post offers a full suite of stunning print solutions to make your campaign truly unmissable, including


Create an unmissable brand moment from Cover Wraps and Gatefolds, to Preprints, stickers and so much more.


Deliver your content directly within The Washington Post newspaper and magazine.

Capitol Hill

Engage the most influential policy makers in Washington with custom Capitol Hill wraps and inserts.

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