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Arts & Entertainment highlights.


Industry news, analysis and reviews light the way for millions of readers who seek a critic’s pick. Anchored by Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Carlos Lozado and National Book Critics Circle winner Ron Charles.


Nationally-renowned critics Ann Hornaday and Michael O’Sullivan keep audiences assured of what’s in, what’s meh, and what to definitely fast-forward through.


National and DC-area events & exhibits, visual art and architecture news, analysis and reviews.


Music news, reviews and analysis spans the Metropolitan Opera to Megan Thee Stallion.

Pop Culture

Chronicling the entertainment stories that drive us to our screens, newspapers and social media.

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Providing a glimpse behind the red curtain of local and national fine arts productions.


Change the channel? Breaking TV news, pointed reviews and what to watch guides are top draws for our audience of TV viewers.

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The Metropolitan Opera

Discover how the world's biggest brands are creating impact with us.

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AT&T demonstrated how 5G tech is creating a new era of journalism.

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NI showed how human connections can solve technological problems.

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Purina explored the amazing relationships we have with our furry friends.

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