Vital reporting on the state of modern health.

A trusted voice in an age of uncertainty.

The Washington Post’s trusted health coverage surfaces critical information relied on from the policy makers shaping our world to consumers navigating complex health choices.

Keeping a finger on the pulse.

We report on a wide-range of health stories including health care, wellness, policy news & analysis, scientific advancements, fitness, and nutrition.

Critical resources for living well.

Recent expansion of our health coverage includes comprehensive guidance to the pandemic, a newsletter developed for readers to lead healthy lives, and regular Q&A discussions with on-staff medical experts.

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Connecting to health policy influencers, policy makers and policy holders.

From the halls of congress to the aisles of the pharmacy.


Reach to DC health care influencers

2020 Erdos & Morgan Opinion Leader Survey


Reach to U.S. health care professionals

2021 comscore Multi-Platform / GfK MRI Simmons


Readers seeking a healthy lifestyle

2021 comscore Multi-Platform / GfK MRI Simmons


Word-of-mouth-leaders and influential consumers of healthcare

ComScore MRI Multi-Platform Fusion, May 2021

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Key Editorial

Health is leading our global discourse.

Health & Wellness highlights.

The Washington Post’s Health section is home to news ranging from in-depth health investigations, to special focused series and profiles of the latest health technology. Regular topics of coverage include: health care, science and wellness.

Health Care

Home to news on insurance, the health care industry, and shifts in health care policy

Medical Mysteries

Intruiging monthly column exploring the diagnosis of a puzzling medical case


The latest Scientific news covering innovations and investigations


Expert advice and perspectives on achieving physical fitness, nutritional value and mindfulness

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Coronavirus section + newsletter

The Washington Post is providing daily live updates, our comprehensive guide to the pandemic, and Coronavirus Updates newsletter for free, so that all readers have access to this important information.

Health 202

Anchored by national health care reporter Rachel Roubein, the Health 202 newsletter is a daily morning tipsheet examining the key issues, questions and story lines dominating the health-care debate in Washington.

The world’s top healthcare brands choose The Washington Post to help tell their story.

Childrens National
Cleveland Clinic
Johnson & Johnson
Kaiser Permanente
Ali Lilly
Stanford Childrens Health

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