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Success Story

AT&T demonstrated how 5G tech is creating a new era of journalism.


The brief

AT&T Business needed a trusted way to communicate to business decision-makers the benefits of 5G.

That’s where we came in. Reaching more than 1 in 3 opinion leaders, we could show, not tell, the power of 5G directly.


The strategy

In a partnership ranging from tech integration and custom content, to live video coverage from the newsroom with branded attribution, AT&T and The Washington Post showed how transformative 5G is for journalism - and businesses in any industry.

Across our Storytelling Lab, live video, and editorial, we proved how fast, reliable, secure, robust, and versatile 5G technology is. In many cases, the medium was the message, with content enhanced and enabled through 5G; our journalists used 5G technology out in the field to tell their stories and quickly share it back with the newsroom.

Staying connected in the fields

Storytelling lab, powered by AT&T.

For the first time in The Washington Post’s history, reporters attributed the use of AT&T’s technology within the editorial copy of the article. For the two multimedia features, our reporters used 5G-enabled mobile devices to fly drones, capture streaming video, and facilitate rapid editorial collaboration in the field.

Innovative storytelling shows how connectivity is driving commerce.

Innovative storytelling like 3D LiDAR and hotspot-enabled 360 drove conversation. Alongside print and digital targeted ad placements, and surrounding media sponsorships, the partnership garnered significant buzz, including features on Digiday.

Highlighting the power of 5G with live programming.

We took 5G out of the abstract and into reality with WP Live programming and live video experiences covering the biggest events of the year, like the Space X launch and landing, political debates, COVID response, and RBG.



Multiple elements and touchpoints bring our programs to life.

WP Live programming

Cross-platform print and digital strategy

Innovative 360° storytelling

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The impact

Over-delivery of 78M+ impressions, and overall CTR of .30% to AT&T.

Storytelling Lab projects executed with never-been-done AT&T integration from the newsroom drove high time spent while custom content pieces drove over 206M+ impressions & 2:20 min time spent.

An 11-point lift in perception, a 5-point lift in brand attributes, and a 23-point life in ad recall.




Lift in brand perception