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Hulu uncovered the stories behind real-life resistance movements.


The brief

In an increasingly crowded streaming landscape, Hulu needed a way to make "The Handmaid's Tale" stand out as exciting and relatable, while hinting at the growing resistance movement in the show's plot.

So we thought: what if we draw parallels between the show’s dystopian world and current events to inspire fans with examples of successful real-life resistance?


The strategy

By weaving dynamic illustrations and a journalistic take on resistance movements with imagery from the show, Under His Eye informed readers about the more optimistic tone of season three without spoiling specific plot points.

The fusion of fictional and historical narratives also inspired fans of the show - some of whom would dress up as characters to attend protest marches with the idea that their own efforts could affect change.

Zeus Prime

A multimedia experience.

Original illustrations, light animations, and embedded trailers created a rich experience featuring stories of resistors in history who communicated behind the backs of their oppressors, seamlessly weaving in The Handmaid’s Tale assets to promote the season three launch of the drama.

Targeted ad strategy.

Custom RED (Research, Experimentation & Development) ad product distribution and social media strategy placed our story in front of interested readers, driving high engagement across various channels.

A buzzworthy tale.

The richly researched topic tied in well with the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale and piqued the interest of readers across the web, garnering a feature on Adweek.



Multiple elements and touchpoints bring our programs to life.

Custom illustrations

Targeted distrubution and social strategy

Rich storytelling experience

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The impact

The content resonated with Post readers, exceeding program benchmarks for pageviews by 310%, unique visitors by 300%, and average time spent by 69%.

Snapchat users were highly engaged with the content, generating over 24K Snapchat story opens and 9K Snapchat story completions.


Avg. time spent in article


Video compeltion




Snapchat impressions

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