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NI showed how human connections can solve technological problems.


The brief

Following a rebrand, NI wanted to reintroduce itself as a company dedicated to solving problems in a society more skeptical of tech’s role and capabilities.

Our stance? Personal and authentic stories have the power to drive a human connection.


The strategy

Like all companies, NI is made up of people - and we focused on them. Each entry in our multi-part series Engineering Hope told the story of the engineers behind NI’s groundbreaking innovations. We showed our audience the personal connections that the engineers had with the problems they worked on, and how NI technologies empower them to find flaws in their system with the purpose of making their products better.

Engineering Hope

Engineering Hope: Editorial-inspired films.

A three-part doc-style miniseries called Engineering Hope showcased the inspiring story of the people behind the groundbreaking innovations at Berlin Heart, and how NI’s testing technologies enable them to more quickly come to market and become accessible around the world.

Human-centric storytelling.

Bigger-than-life projects like rocket and satellite builds enticed readers, while carefully crafted storytelling techniques brought in the human element. Audio embeds and video snippets make the complex tangible, further showing how failure is integral to incredible tech.



Multiple elements and touchpoints bring our programs to life.

Custom video content

Illustration and animation

Audio storytelling

Targeted social campaigns

Editorial landing pages

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The impact

The program resonated with our audience generating impressive scale and exceeding benchmarks for all key metrics – video views, pageviews, and unique visitors. Video views and pageviews over delivered by 50%+.

Our readers returned to the NI content 31% more frequently compared to other programs, demonstrating how captivating this series was.


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