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Some politicians have been around for a looooong time. Can you recognize them when they were young?

Oh, to be young. (Again.) If there's one unifying thing that brings politicians in D.C. together, it's that most of them have been around for a long, long time. The best part about having so many politicians with massive reserves of experience is that it becomes especially easy to find old photos of them, from the days when they were still idealistic and young. So idealistic and young, that they can sometimes be hard to recognize. Others look like they haven't aged a day. Can you recognize some of D.C.'s longest-serving politicians from back when they first came to Washington? Try our quiz to find out.


AP Photo/Duricka

Here's an easy one to start. Who is this politician and novelist, photographed in 1979?

John Kerry
Newt Gingrich
Bill Clinton
Thad Cochran


AP Photo/Horst Faas

Who is this long-serving senator, photographed in 1973 before he even thought about a career in Congress?

Mitt Romney
John Kerry
John McCain
Rob Portman


AP Photo/Charles Gorry

Sen. Big Hair
Mitt Romney
John Kerry
Carl Levin


The 1988 Congressional Pictorial Directory

Can you name this senator in this 1988 picture? It was taken a year after he first started the job.

Charlie Crist
Harry Reid
Dick Durbin
Chuck Schumer


The 1979 Congressional Pictorial Directory

Can you name this recently retired senator, who apparently hasn't aged at all in the past 35 years?

Susan Collins
Elizabeth Dole
Olympia Snowe
Kay Bailey Hutchison


The 1979 Congressional Pictorial Directory

The representative just won a close primary.

John Conyers
John Lewis
Charlie Rangel
Jim Clyburn


AP Photo/Al Behrman

In this photo, we have a still-serving senator declaring his candidacy for the Senate in 1984. Who might he be?

Chuck Schumer
Lindsey Graham
John Cornyn
Mitch McConnell


The 1979 Congressional Pictorial Directory

Can you name this Midwestern senator perhaps best known to millennials for his Twitter feed?

Chuck Grassley
Jeff Sessions
Bill Nelson
Max Baucus


The 1979 Congressional Pictorial Directory

Do you know who this representative is, who was serving her second term in 1979? She later graduated to the Senate.

Sandra Day O'Connor
Louise Slaughter
Dianne Feinstein
Barbara Mikulski


The 1979 Congressional Pictorial Directory

This politician went on to bigger roles, but in this photo, he was serving his first term in the House. Can you guess who he is?

Orrin Hatch
Saxby Chambliss
Dick Cheney
Rudy Giuliani

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