China launches crew to recently completed space station

China has big ambitions in space that rival those of the United States.

By Christian DavenportNovember 29, 2022

NASA’s Orion spacecraft is about to set record for distance from Earth

Orion should surpass the record for distance from Earth traveled by a spacdraft intended to return astronauts to Earth at 7:42 a.m. Eastern time on Saturday.

By Christian DavenportNovember 25, 2022

Meet John McFall, the world’s first astronaut with a disability

The bronze medal-winning British paralympian joins a European Space Agency program to test how people with disabilities can live and work in outer orbit.

By Leo SandsNovember 24, 2022

Mars rover digs up intriguing clues in the hunt for life beyond Earth

NASA's Perseverance mission has collected samples that hold life-friendly molecules “in pretty much every rock” — as well as a few geologic surprises

By Joel AchenbachNovember 23, 2022

NASA’s Orion spacecraft flies by the moon, 81 miles above the surface

The passage over the moon came five days after Orion was launched from the Kennedy Space Center.

By Christian DavenportNovember 21, 2022

For rivals Japan and China, the new space race is about removing junk

In a universe full of litter, Japan aims to become the first country to develop the technology and rules for space debris mitigation.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Lily KuoNovember 20, 2022

Relief and pride as NASA’s huge SLS rocket finally flies

The SLS cost billions, and most of it was ditched at sea. But it sent an Orion capsule toward the moon in the first step in a plan to return astronauts there.

By Christian DavenportNovember 16, 2022

NASA launches Artemis I moon mission after years of delay

NASA's Artemis I moon rocket is set to launch early Wednesday after multiple scrubbed attempts. Artemis will launch from Kennedy Space Center.

By Christian DavenportNovember 16, 2022

Despite storm, NASA is pressing ahead with its Artemis launch plan

NASA plans to launch its giant Space Launch System moon rocket next week, days after it was battered by Hurricane Nicole as it sat unprotected on its launchpad.

By Christian DavenportNovember 11, 2022

Film crew stumbles upon piece of Challenger 36 years after tragedy, NASA says

A History Channel crew found the piece off the eastern coast of Florida and alerted NASA, the agency said. The documentary is set to air this month.

By James BikalesNovember 10, 2022

Chinese rocket tumbles into Pacific Ocean after days in space

While no injuries were reported, the return highlighted a tension within the space community over how China disposes of its massive Long March-5B boosters.

By Christian DavenportNovember 4, 2022

Russia threatens commercial satellites that Pentagon sees as its future

In a speech at the United Nations, a Russian official said the proliferation of privately operated satellites is “an extremely dangerous trend that goes beyond the harmless use of outer-space technologies and has become apparent during the latest developments in Ukraine.”

By Christian DavenportOctober 28, 2022

Big rocks slam into Mars, gouge craters, reveal subsurface features

This was the biggest crater-forming impact on one of the rocky inner planets of the solar system ever documented in real time.

By Joel AchenbachOctober 27, 2022

NASA proved it can deflect an asteroid. But spotting them is tricky.

The space agency is working to develop an telescope that would track many more potentially hazardous asteroids, but the project has faced funding cuts.

By Christian DavenportOctober 24, 2022

James McDivitt, commander of pivotal NASA missions, dies at 93

The astronaut’s missions, including the first successful American spacewalk mission, helped NASA eventually get to the moon.

By Michael S. RosenwaldOctober 18, 2022

Amazon to launch first of its Kuiper internet satellites on ULA rocket

Two prototypes would launch early next year as Amazon seeks to build a constellation that will compete with SpaceX’s Starlink system.

By Christian DavenportOctober 12, 2022

NASA reports smashing success with asteroid redirection test

NASA’s successful attempt to change an asteroid's orbit offers promise that the experimental technique could be applied as a practical form of planetary defense

By Joel AchenbachOctober 11, 2022

NASA hit an asteroid in case Earth really needs to knock one away later

A spacecraft that NASA launched last year succeeded in changing the space rock's orbit. It was a test of planetary defense in case Earthlings really need to move an incoming asteroid someday.

By Bonnie Berkowitz and Artur GalochaOctober 11, 2022

SpaceX launch is latest sign of lasting Russia-U.S. space partnership

The latest SpaceX launch included two NASA astronauts, one Russian cosmonaut and one Japanese astronaut.

By Christian DavenportOctober 5, 2022

This astronaut trains by flying fighter jets. We went along for the ride.

Spaceflight is a difficult, scary endeavor that doesn’t come with a game-over button. That's why Jared Isaacman and his crew train by flying jets — where there's no escape.

By Christian DavenportOctober 2, 2022