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This season won’t be a smooth ride for Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins; he can make a statement by still finding a way.
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The Rams now seem set at quarterback, which means Kyle Shanahan is the former Redskins offensive coordinator most likely to chase Kirk Cousins.
Hernandez, who committed suicide in prison in April, had one of the more advanced stages of the degenerative brain disease.

The junior has weathered nearly constant change to become a top wide receiver and locker-room leader.

The black-and-blue Redskins take on the highest-scoring offense in the league in prime time, where they often struggle.

It's rarely a good sign when a trip to Dr. James Andrews is in order.

'I’m not looking ahead yet because I don’t know what kind of swing I’m going to use,' he writes, months after his latest back surgery.

After a brief uptick, the offensively challenged club has lost two in a row.

Steven Williams of Old Dominion will face a daunting first start at No. 13 Virginia Tech.

Dubbed a “national pride” project, the survey is slated to begin next year.

If 'our security cannot be assured, the French Olympics team will stay at home,' an official said Thursday.

'Even though he's up there in the years, he's still a very, very good athlete,' Eller said of the former NFL receiver.

Callahan felt the line underperformed against the Eagles in Week 1 but was pleased with how well the offense ran the ball against the Rams last Sunday

Oakland has two very productive wide receivers and a creative scheme in the passing game. But Washington's pass defense has been good so far this year.

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The Raiders have big play types on both sides of the ball.

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Questions have arisen after the combined attendance for the Rams and Chargers last weekend was less than that of the USC-Texas game.

'I think it's important for us all to get in a room and hash it out and decide what we want to do,' he says.

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