2012 NBA draft order

Where the non-playoff teams wound up after the lottery, with their rank in terms of most ping-pong balls at the start:

Pick Team Rnk Pick Team Rnk
1 New Orleans Hornets 4th 8 Toronto Raptors 8th
2 Charlotte Bobcats 1st 9 Detroit Pistons 9th
3 Washington Wizards 2nd 10 New Orleans Hornets** 10th
4 Cleveland Cavaliers 3rd 11 Portland Trail Blazers 11th
5 Sacramento Kings 5th 12 Milwaukee Bucks 12th
6 Portland Trail Blazers* 6th 13 Phoenix Suns 13th
7 Golden State Warriors 7th 14 Houston Rockets 14th

* — Pick originally belonged to Brooklyn, but because it is outside the top three it gets conveyed to Portland.

** -- Minnesota originally held the rights to this pick.