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Dolphins safety Michael Thomas gets emotional while discussing Trump’s comments

Following his team’s two-touchdown loss to the New York Jets on Sunday, Miami Dolphins safety Michael Thomas was emotional while discussing Donald Trump’s recent comments and tweets regarding NFL players and those who have chosen to kneel during the national anthem. Thomas seemed on the verge of tears while saying “this is bigger than me” and “I got a daughter, she’s going to have to live in this world.”

Before the Dolphins-Jets game, four Dolphins players knelt and the rest of the team linked arms as a display of unity as the national anthem was performed.

Thomas’ full postgame comments were as follows: “It just amazes me with everything else that’s going on in this world, especially involving the U.S., that’s what you’re concerned about my man? You’re the leader of the free world, this is what you talking about? As a man, as a father, as an African American man, somebody in the NFL who is one of those sons of (expletive), yeah, I took it personally. But at the same time, like I said, like I said in my Twitter post, it’s bigger than me, man. It’s bigger than me. I got a daughter, she’s going to have to live in this world, you know what I’m saying? And I’m going to do whatever I gotta do to make sure she can look at her dad and be like, ‘Hey, we did something, we tried to make a change.’ You feel me?”

NFL anthem protests: Sunday brings a tidal wave of responses to President Trump

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