Derrius Guice, generous tipper. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Asante McNeill, who works three or four nights a week as a Domino’s delivery man to help pay for his final semester at Northern Virginia Community College, was having a rough week. Then Redskins rookie Derrius Guice worked up an appetite for some pizza while playing Fortnite.

McNeill, 22, had delivered pizza to Guice before, but this time he worked up the nerve to strike up a conversation with the running back, who is out for the season with a knee injury.

“He opened the door and was smiling, just asked me how my night was going,” McNeill said in a phone interview. “I was just a little flustered, but in the few minutes I got to talk to him, he was a really positive dude. I talked to him about how I liked the energy and positivity that he gives off, and how I drafted him in fantasy. I probably shouldn’t have brought that up, but he was just a really nice dude and told me to have a great night.”

While going through his receipts later, McNeill saw the tip that Guice had left him.

“Obviously, I always say thank you, but I didn’t get to thank him properly, because the tip was the biggest tip I’ve ever gotten,” said McNeill, who wrote on Twitter that Guice tipped him more than 200 percent for a $30 order. “I was sitting in my car and was really emotional, so I just DM’d him and told him how much I appreciate him. I was having a rough week -- full-time school and just working a lot. It was a rough week tip-wise as well, and I just wanted to show him my appreciation if I never deliver to him again.”

Guice shared a screenshot of McNeill’s message with his more than 100,000 Twitter followers.

“It’s the little things that goes a long way,” Guice wrote. “Bless a life.”

McNeill doesn’t use Twitter regularly, so the first place he saw Guice’s tweet, which still included his username at the bottom of the screenshot, was in a group chat of his friends, most of them Redskins fans.

“I honestly didn’t think he was going to respond,” said McNeill, a Giants fan by birth who graduated from Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn. “I figure he got a lot of DMs.”

Later, McNeill tweeted: “Bro my night...Nah my week was made. I don’t even care that I have to stay up till 4 to study for this test tomorrow.”

Guice was lauded on social media for his latest act of kindness. On Thursday morning, he tweeted another message: “I want everyone reading this to impact someone’s life any way possible," writing later that it could be “as simple as a compliment ... or just being nice.”

One of Guice’s followers, Dan Rosenblum, took that message to heart and sent McNeill, a complete stranger, $100 via Venmo. “Have a good day, bro!” Rosenblum wrote.

“A couple of people tweeted at me asking me for my Venmo and my Cash App,” McNeill said. “I didn’t really feel comfortable with it, but the way Dan presented it, I just thought I’d respond to him.”

McNeill said Rosenblum’s was the only donation he received.

McNeill said Thursday that the microeconomics exam he had stayed up studying for through the night went well, and that he was still blown away by Guice’s gesture.

“He could’ve made it about himself, but instead he said, ‘Take this [example] and help people,’" said McNeill, who hopes to enroll in a four-year school in Virginia. "It doesn’t matter if it’s opening a door for someone -- just be nice and spread a positive message. Today has definitely been a good day.”

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