Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been great. Kansas City Coach Andy Reid seems to think he's even more than that. (Charlie Riedel/Associated Press)

Patrick Mahomes has had, by just about any measure, a ridiculous debut as a full-time starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs: 13 touchdowns, zero interceptions, an NFL-best 90.7 QBR. It’s gotten to the point that comparisons to the greats are starting to be made after just three games, and Chiefs Coach Andy Reid has joined right in, saying Tuesday that Mahomes reminds him of Brett Favre and doing so on Favre’s SiriusXM radio show, no less.

After some jokey chiding from Favre — “y’all need to slow it down a little bit,” he said — Reid began by relating the fact that he was the offensive line coach at Texas-El Paso when the Miners played Favre and Southern Mississippi in the 1988 Independence Bowl. Reid carried the memory of that game with him to the Green Bay Packers, whom both he and Favre joined in 1992.

“I saw Brett when he was young and running around and doing these kind of things,” Reid said. “Then I turn on this tape and I see this kid from Texas Tech [Mahomes] running around and doing these things, and you can’t coach that. I mean, that’s just the love of the game and both you and Patrick play like you’re playing in the backyard. . . . Like, ‘The coach is going to give me this but you know what, if that’s not there we’re just going to kind of make it happen.’ And so those similarities are so unique. You’ve already done it, you’re the Hall of Famer. He’s just beginning his career here, but it’s fun to be around. He loves the game like you love the game, and that’s the part that I might appreciate the most.”

“As a coach, you know every call isn’t going to be the perfect call, sometimes the quarterback’s just got to be able to make it happen and get everybody out of trouble. He has that ability right now to be able to do that. He’s got a ton of room to grow and, again, he’s just starting here so there’s going to be some hiccups on the way, but it’s that approach to the game that you appreciate.”

One play in particular from Sunday’s win over the 49ers makes the Favre comparison seem pretty apt. Facing third and goal from the San Francisco 8-yard line in the third quarter, Mahomes faced a heavy pass rush. He retreated in one direction, then spun around in the other direction before finding Chris Conley in the end zone.

Bruce Murray, Favre’s co-host, jokingly asked Reid if “that’s in the playbook, right?”

To which Reid responded, “I put my shorts on and demonstrated that little move for him.”

For comparison’s sake, here’s Favre’s stat line over his first three games as a full-time NFL starter, for the Packers in 1992: 44 of 72, 572 yards, four touchdowns, one interception, two victories, one loss. He would go on to have a good if unremarkable season and Green Bay finished 9-7, just its second winning record in 10 seasons, though the Packers wouldn’t make the playoffs.

At least in this instance, Mahomes seems ahead of the curve.

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