Wherever children are learning the fundamentals of a game, there will be parents, there to watch and encourage them. And some of those parents will be going berserk.

Take what happened last weekend during a peewee football game in Wise, Va., near the commonwealth’s southwest border with Kentucky. Police were called when parents and coaches mixed it up during the postgame handshake line, traditionally a time for showing opponents how to demonstrate mutual respect and sportsmanship.

For these adults, it was go time.

Words were exchanged between coaches, one parent told WCYB. That parent also provided video of the incident between the teams from Dickenson County’s Ridgeview area and Wise County. Punches were thrown, while some of the kids, who appear to be in elementary school, attempted to break things up. One adult threw another to the ground.

There were no injuries and no arrests.

“It was pitiful to see the kids crying and scared [and] these are their coaches and mentors and guys they look up to,” the parent told News 5. “I hope it all gets resolved and doesn’t happen again.”

The incident came less than a week after a parent body-slammed a referee at an Albuquerque youth football game between Rio Grande and Atrisco Heritage, with the associated team subsequently banned from the league. That brawl, according to KRQE, broke out after a player took issue with a penalty. There was pushing between the two, and an adult erupted. Rio Grande, according to a statement to KRQE, was banned by the Young America Football League for violation of its code of conduct policy for parents.

Albuquerque Police officer Simon Drobik told KRQE that incidents like this are more and more common.

“I think nationwide you’re seeing this behavior, not just Albuquerque,” Simon Drobik said.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office told the station it responded to a call but that no arrests were made.

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