It’s safe to say the Chargers haven’t exactly caught on in the Los Angeles area after their move north from San Diego. Even while playing in the NFL’s tiniest stadium — the 27,000-seat StubHub Center — as they wait to move into the Rams' Shangri-La in Inglewood, they’ve struggled to fill the place with their own fans. At each home game, the seating bowl at the stadium takes on a new hue, and it’s never Chargers powder blue but rather whatever color the road team is wearing.

This will be on especially full display on Sunday when the Raiders — a team that still has an ardent L.A. following after their long-ago days playing in the city — come to town, and the Chargers are pulling out all the stops.

“Pumping in Crowd Noise for a Home Game: The 2018 Los Angeles Chargers” would be a great NFL Films yearbook title, no? Anyway, team officials realize that attracting a fan base in a town where they weren’t exactly welcomed — a headline in the Los Angeles Times on the day the move announced read “Message to Chargers: We Don’t Want You in Los Angeles” — will be slow going.

“The wheel is starting to spin faster, and it is heading in the right direction. We understand that it is going to take time,” Chargers chief marketing and strategy officer Jeffrey Pollack told the AP before their game against the Rams earlier this year.

Visiting-team invasions aren’t an entirely new problem for the Chargers, who saw Raiders fans flock to the stadium when they were in San Diego, too. Team officials are working to stem any rowdiness that may ensue, a holdover move from the Chargers' days down south.

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