Hello. This is a very serious news article about international soccer.

This very good dog has gained behind-the-scenes access to a Georgian professional soccer match, and — wait, what do you mean she’s not supposed to be there? Who are these guards coming after her?

Let her play! FREE THE DOGGIE!

FC Dila and Torpedo Kutaisi of Georgia’s Erovnuli Liga were locked in a scoreless draw in the second half of a match Sunday in Gori, when this adorable canine made her way onto the pitch. She went to meet some players, did some running around and eventually took a liking to the Dila goalkeeper, from whom she requested belly rubs.

I am no dog psychologist, but as an armchair dog psychologist, this dog looked like she was having a lot of fun. I mean, what is a soccer pitch if not a giant dog park? And it comes with a ball!

Eventually, she was escorted off the field by gentlemen from the Dila sideline. But pro tip: Grabbing a dog by the paws and lifting is not how you pick up a dog. You must support their hindquarters. Hold them beneath their back hips or by the chest.

This is important, because there are apparently are a number of stray dogs in Georgia and — who knows? — you might have to pick one up. A 2014 article from Georgian Journal (now part of Georgia Today) identified 50,000 stray dogs in the city of Tbilisi, and that was after the city killed 85,000 stray dogs between 2010 and 2012.

Judging by the white tag that appears on this doggy’s ear, she is likely a stray that was put up for adoption but did not find a home, according to Georgian Journal.

This looks like a very adoptable dog to me. And Dila and Torpedo sound like good names for dogs.

The game ended in a scoreless draw. That concludes this very serious article.

An earlier version of this story stated the soccer match between FC Dila and Torpedo Kutaisi took place in Tbilisi. The match took place in Gori.

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