Lakers guard Lonzo Ball will have to cover the Big Baller Brand tattoo beneath his right elbow. (Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports)

The NBA has reportedly asked another player to cover up a tattoo while on the floor.

This time, it’s Lakers guard Lonzo Ball, who has a tattoo of his family’s Big Baller Brand logo beneath his right elbow. Two weeks ago, the league warned Cleveland guard J.R. Smith that he could face a fine if his tattoo of the Supreme fashion house logo on his right calf was not covered during games.

“NBA rules prohibit players from displaying any commercial logos or corporate insignia on their body or in their hair,” the league’s Executive Vice President of Communications Mike Bass told The Post’s Tim Bontemps on Sept. 29.

Both Ball and Smith have covered their tattoos with pieces of athletic tape.

The NBA has also warned players against wearing equipment, other than shoes, that bears corporate insignia.

The league made on-court fashion rules significantly more lenient over the summer. Players are now able to wear shoes of any color during any game. Previously, they were only allowed to wear shoes that were primarily white, black or their team’s color.

The Wizards' Kelly Oubre Jr., wore a Supreme sleeve on his leg last season after the fashion house partnered with Nike, but was asked to change it by team equipment personnel after learning it was an NBA rules violation.

“It had an NBA logo on it. It has a Nike sign on it. NBA is sponsored by Nike. It’s just Supreme, you know,” Oubre said at the time. “So, I don’t know really what’s the quarrel.”

Smith also wore a Supreme shooting sleeve during the 2017-18 season.

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