Aaron Rodgers did several amazing things while leading the Green Bay Packers to a comeback victory Monday night. He played on a gimpy left leg. He fired laser passes in the fourth quarter. It was a pretty magical performance, but there was one thing he definitely did not do.

He did not pull a rabbit out of his head.

That was the comment from ESPN’s Jason Witten, in his first season in ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” booth. He may not have replaced a broadcasting legend in Jon Gruden, but he’s had something of a rocky start.

Not everyone can segue from the playing field into the broadcast booth as seamlessly as Witten’s former teammate, Tony Romo, and there have been a couple of slip-ups over Witten’s first games as an announcer. He has incorrectly identified plays and drew fire for saying of the NFL’s roughing the passer rule: “It seems like we went a little bit to the left wing.”

Witten, in a recent interview with The Post’s Ben Strauss, promised, “I’m going to get better. Man, I’m going to get better.”

He explained his “left wing” remark with words that could apply to what he said Monday night in the Packers-49ers game. “I fumbled my words, lesson learned. I hope you were trying to understand what I was trying to say. The league just got a little out of whack when they were making the [roughing] rule. They’re going to tighten it back up and be able to adjust it. It wasn’t left wing, obviously. It was an honest mistake. Most people realized that, I think.”

Same with Rodgers pulling a rabbit out of his head. Late Monday night, Witten was able to laugh that one off with a self-deprecating tweet laced with emoji for a head smack, a shrug and, of course, a cute bunny.

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