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Adrian Peterson made shirts commemorating his shoe getting stuck in a face mask

Redskins running back Adrian Peterson co-starred in one of the stranger plays of the NFL season during Sunday’s win, but what made it so bizarre was easy to miss while watching in real time. To quote Morgan Freeman’s character in “The Shawshank Redemption,” I mean, seriously, how often do you really look at a man’s shoes?

On a sweep play to the right late in the first half, Peterson’s right cleat got stuck in Luke Kuechly’s face mask as the Panthers linebacker attempted to make an ankle tackle. Peterson kept on running, the toe of his right sock flapping in the breeze as he gained 19 yards on the play. Face masks get stuck to face masks from time to time, but it’s far more rare to see a player’s shoe wedged between the bars of an opponent’s face mask. It’s so rare, in fact, that Peterson decided to commemorate the occurrence with a couple of new T-shirts available for sale on his personal website.

“I just designed some cool tee shirts that’ll remind us of a play we’ll most likely never see again!” Peterson tweeted on Tuesday. “This represents why they call it a game of inches.”

I don’t think that’s why they call it a game of inches, but lets’s take a look at these cool T-shirts inspired by this cool play, shall we?


Was Jim Zorn consulted during the design process? I ask because “The Swinging Gate” arguably looked better on paper than this clip art design, and because the shirt is available in maroon and black, as well as white and gray. One shoe, two shoe, AD will run past you. Three fonts, four fonts, I can’t think of a good rhyme, but, c’mon man, that’s way too many fonts.

The second T-shirt commemorating the play on Peterson’s site features an image of the bottom of a cleat alongside an image of the bottom of a sock. It’s simple, clean and only features one font, but the fact that the sock image is of a left foot is an oversight given that Peterson lost his right shoe on the play. I’m confident that BreakingT — the leading manufacturer of T-shirts commemorating obscure moments in sports — wouldn’t have made the same mistake.

Anyway, Peterson’s new shirts are $26 if you’re inclined to own a piece of bizarro Redskins history.

By the way, there has been at least one other incident of an NFL players' shoe getting stuck in another player’s face mask, and it happened this decade. In 2011, New York Jets tackle and former Virginia star D’Brickashaw Ferguson got his cleat stuck in Patriots safety Patrick Chung’s helmet. Ferguson had about as much trouble prying his shoe loose as Josh Norman did removing his jersey after the Redskins' loss to the Saints on “Monday Night Football.” There aren’t any T-shirts commemorating that blooper to my knowledge.

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