Perhaps a sight more surprising than the Cowboys’ offense suddenly springing to life for 40 points against Jacksonville last Sunday: flamboyant UFC fighter Conor McGregor standing on the field with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones during pregame.

McGregor, in a tight baby blue sport coat and French-cuffed white shirt, palled around with Jones, greeted some of Dallas’s players during warm-ups and infamously tossed a football around at midfield. (Spoiler alert: he is bad at tossing.)

But what on earth was the Irish McGregor doing deep in the heart of Texas?

Scheming with Jones to put a UFC fight in AT&T Stadium, it seems.

NFL Films caught Jones running down the specs of the state-of-the-art facility with McGregor. (In case you didn’t know, the jumbotron above the playing surface is 3 million square-feet, Jones told the fighter. The largest crowd AT&T Stadium has hosted is 113,000-some people.)

“When you’re in the ring, you’re 70 feet tall up there,” Jones said of the big screen. “They can see your eyes. They can see anything you want them to.”

“That octagon has got to be the center one day,” McGregor responded. “I’m going to make that happen. Trust me, especially now after being here and seeing it.”

“I know it was rumored many times and we never got there,” the fighter continued, after catching a glimpse of the cameras recording their conversation, “but now is the time.”

Jerry World certainly gets a lot of use every autumn, between Cowboys games and the near-constant college football games that come to town. But Ed Sheeran is also stopping by on his North American stadium tour later this month. AT&T Stadium is hosting a football and cheerleading camp shortly after Christmas.

The rodeo comes to town in February. Then a monster truck rally. Then the rodeo returns. And then, before you know it, it’s May and a music festival is renting out the venue.

“It is a spectacle, this place,” McGregor said.

But is it fit for a UCF fight, let alone one featuring McGregor, who hasn’t won a bout since 2016? That’s up to Jones.

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