Beating Wisconsin in Madison can be tough, but it gets even harder when a late-October conference game turns into a Snow Bowl.

Illinois visited the Badgers Saturday and got an early dose of both the Wisconsin offense and winter weather, as snow came down in heaps and blanketed the field during the first quarter. With the white-clad Illini barely visible, Wisconsin built up an early 14-0 lead.

Both teams struggled with the weather, as the blizzardy conditions made it hard to even punt the ball away.

The snow will likely keep both offenses grounded, a dynamic that works out in the Badgers’ favor as running back Jonathan Taylor entered Saturday’s contest as the second leading rusher in the country. Also counting against Illinois is the fact that they haven’t beaten Wisconsin since 2007.

Saturday’s snow in Wisconsin was not the first of football season. Last week’s Rams-Broncos game had similar conditions before kickoff.