The bad blood between Michigan and Michigan State came out early Saturday and carried on past the final whistle. Michigan’s 21-7 win produced plenty of new clips for the montage of ill will that has come to define this in-state rivalry.

The two teams first got into it bright and early with fireworks that started well before kickoff. Michigan State, doing its standard cross-field warm-up, crossed paths with Michigan linebacker Devin Bush, who was on the field. Bush didn’t like that, and took his frustration out on the Spartans’ midfield logo.

After the game, Michigan Coach John Harbaugh called what went on before the game “bush league,” claimed that the Spartans “clotheslined” two Michigan players and knocked the headphones off Wolverines cornerback Lavert Hill.

Harbaugh also said that Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio watched all of this go down and stood behind the action, smiling.

When told of Harbaugh’s comments, Dantonio called it “B.S.”

“Bush league,” he later repeated, while nodding.

Bush went on to play a key role for Michigan’s shutdown defense, racking up four tackles and a sack. The Wolverines held on to an early lead and grabbed a win on the road, getting revenge for last year’s 14-10 loss to the Spartans.

In a postgame interview, defensive end Chase Winovich seemed just fine with both his team’s performance’s and Bush’s decision to rip up the logo.

“We came in here, slashed their field before the game and still came out here and got after them every single play,” Winovich said.

He later added: “Sometimes your little brother starts acting up and you just gotta put them in place.”

Hours after the game ended, the bluster continued on social media. A rematch can’t come soon enough.

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