Skip Bayless woke up angry Monday morning. The Cowboys fan and co-host of FS1′s “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” was still fuming over a controversial snap-infraction penalty that probably cost Dallas a chance to force overtime against the Redskins on Sunday, and he was going to let you know about it.

“The more I think about this, the madder I get, so I apologize if I come out of my seat over this,” Bayless said on Monday’s show. “But my Dallas Cowboys got absolutely robbed yesterday in Washington, and I want to point out, for the record, I immediately tweeted about this. You can look at my timeline, so this is not 20/20 hindsight, or reaching for some lame, far-fetched excuse.”

Fact check: True. Bayless did immediately tweet about the penalty, and he did so in all caps, so you could tell he was, like, really mad, and could practically hear him screaming through your phone or computer monitor.

“Jonathan Allen of the Washington Redskins jumped offsides, unprovoked, on said first field goal attempt,” Bayless continued before sighing heavily. “My long snapper, my field goal snapper, did not illegally move the football in any way, shape or form. So it should have been a 42-yard field goal, which clearly, if he had hit it the same way he hit what became a 52-yard field goal, it would’ve made it around the left upright. But from 10 yards farther, it continued to hook until it caught the left upright, and unfortunately it didn’t carom inside the uprights, it caromed straight out, and I lost, 20-17.

“So after the game, Al Riveron, the NFL’s director of officiating, tweeted that illegal ball movement by the center caused the defense to come across the neutral zone and contact a lineman. BALONEY. Nothing but NFL spin control. The Cowboys’ field goal snapper is named L.P. Ladouceur. He [is] the longest tenured of anyone on the team. He’s been with them for 14 years, and over 14 years he’s snapped for over 400 field goal attempts. He said after the game ‘I did the exact same thing I’ve been doing for 14 years.’ He got his grip on the football, and once he became set, he stayed set. He did not flinch; he did not false snap it and try to push it back and start over again. He did nothing to incite Jonathan Allen to jump across the line of scrimmage.”

Fact check: False. Ignore whether the Redskins' lineman jumped offside unprovoked or was drawn offside when Ladouceur illegally moved the football; Bayless is confusing the members of the Redskins' Alabama wall. It was No. 95, rookie Daron Payne, who jumped into the neutral zone, not Allen, Payne’s former Crimson Tide teammate, who remained in his stance on the right side of the line. Also, Bayless doesn’t play for the Cowboys. Get out of here with the “my long snapper” and “I lost” stuff, man.

After the game, the Redskins threw some shade at Bayless by editing a replay of Preston Smith’s scoop-and-score touchdown onto the end of the cringeworthy video Bayless shared on Instagram last week of himself imitating MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s famous strut.

Bayless has between now and Thanksgiving to get the Redskins' defensive linemen straight. The Cowboys have the same amount of time to figure out a way to prevent those linemen from sacking Dak Prescott.

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