The Nevada State Athletic Commission voted Wednesday to extend suspensions indefinitely for Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov after their post-fight brawl at UFC 229 on Oct. 6.

The commission previously handed down 10-day suspensions for both fighters on Oct. 15 as it began an investigation into the melee. The inquiry’s findings may lead to formal complaints that potentially carry significant penalties.

McGregor tapped out of the highly-anticipated bout in the fourth round when Nurmagomedov applied a neck crank. After the fight in Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena, the Russian leaped over the cage to confront members of McGregor’s entourage. Zubaira Tukhugov, a fellow Russian and friend of Nurmagomedov, climbed into the octagon and attacked McGregor during the chaos.

The NSAC initially signaled Nurmagomedov was primarily at fault for the fracas and voted to freeze his $2 million purse. McGregor was paid the full $3 million he was owed. Commission Chairman Anthony Marnell III said Wednesday the NSAC would not have made the decision to pay McGregor in full if it had more footage of the incident after the fight, according to reports. The commission on Wednesday voted unanimously to release $1 million of Nurmagomedov’s $2 million purse.

Nurmagomedov’s camp has blamed McGregor for inciting the brawl after the Irishman repeatedly taunted Nurmagomedov, a Sunni Muslim, over his faith and nationality. McGregor’s verbal jabs included the epithet, “Dagestani rat,” while he referred to Nurmagomedov’s father as a “quivering coward.” McGregor tauntingly offered whiskey to Nurmagomedov and called his manager, Ali Abdelaziz, a “terrorist rat.”

Nurmagomedov has frequently mentioned these taunts in recent weeks, saying his “homeland, religion, nation, family” were insulted and that “I finished what he had started.”

"You can keep my money that you are withholding,” he wrote in an Instagram post addressed to UFC earlier this month. “You are pretty busy with that, I hope it won’t get stuck in your throat. We have defended our honor and this is the most important thing. We intend to go to the end.”

Based on the Nevada commission’s vote, fines are likely for both fighters and the commission has wide latitude to impose additional punishments. The state’s attorney general’s office told commissioners they can fine up to 100 percent of a fighter’s purse and impose a lifetime ban.

McGregor had a representative at Wednesday’s meeting, according to the Associated Press. Nurmagomedov did not.

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