Here’s a tip for the frugal traveler who happens to be looking for something to do in Cleveland: See if the Cavaliers are playing. You should be able to score a ticket to an NBA game for a surprisingly reasonable amount.

Or, in the case of a Cavs game Wednesday, a surprisingly minuscule amount. As shown by TMZ Sports Thursday, tickets for matchup at home with the Nets were going for as little as $2 — that would be two lousy dollars — on Flash Seats, the digital ticketing service owned by Dan Gilbert, who also happens to own the Cavs.

A subsequent glance at Flash Seats showed that tickets prices for Cleveland’s next home game, against the Pacers, started at $7.90, but that contest won’t tip off until Saturday, allowing for plenty of time for that number to fall. Tickets for the next four games at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena, against the Hawks, Nuggets, Thunder and Hornets, were starting at between $4 and $6.

You might think that Cavs tickets would be hotter commodities given that the team has been to the past four NBA Finals and won a title in 2016. But if so, you’d be forgetting one little, slightly relevant detail. That, of course, is the fact that LeBron James no longer plays for the Cavs.

The four-time NBA MVP is now plying his trade for the Lakers, leaving the Cavs with a decidedly uninspiring core of Kevin Love, Cedi Osman, Tristan Thompson and George Hill. J.R. Smith is still around, and there’s some young talent around in the form of Collin Sexton and, well, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance aren’t really that young anymore, actually, so yeah, there isn’t that much about which to be hopeful.

The Cavs' situation is looking all the more hopeless because they have now gotten off to an 0-5 start following a loss on the road Thursday to the Pistons. It’s adding up to a depressing case of deja vu for Clevelanders, who saw the team immediately become horrendous the last time James left in free agency, in 2010.

But what’s bad for the Cavs is good, it would appear, for the budget-conscious sports fan, at least until Nov. 21. That’s when prices at Flash Seats for Cleveland’s home game on that date suddenly jump to a minimum of $110.

What would cause such a leap? Well, a close examination of the event in question reveals that it’s a home game against, you guessed it, LeBron and the Lakers.

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