Daniel Corrêa Freitas, a 24-year-old soccer player for Brazil’s Sao Paulo club, was found dead, his body riddled with knife wounds, on Saturday in a rural area of southern Brazil.

Freitas’s body, according to reports, was nearly decapitated, and police are investigating the circumstances of his death. His body was found near Curitiba, a city about 200 miles southwest of Sao Paulo.

Freitas, who was on loan with second-division Sao Bento, started his senior career with Botafogo before signing a contract with Sao Paulo. He also played for Ponte Prita.

“It is with deep regret that the São Paulo Football Club laments the death of Daniel and is in solidarity with friends and family in this moment of pain,” Sao Paulo said in a news release. “The club’s board regrets the fact and sympathizes with the player’s family and friends at this time of deep sadness,” added Sao Bento.