Jerry Jones’s Cowboys are off to a 3-5 start. (David Goldman/Associated Press)

A 7-year-old Cowboys fan sent a very amusing letter to team owner Jerry Jones. Well, he and Dallas Coach Jason Garrett may not have gotten many laughs out of it, but the rest of us can chuckle at the boy’s scathing criticism.

“You have made my mom very mad because WE SUCK!” young Rylan Wood of Mansfield, Tex., wrote. He added, “The cheerleaders are better than the team this year.”

The contents of the letter were made public by his mother, Kayla Jimenez, who posted it to Facebook earlier this week. She told WFAA that the idea for the letter came while she and her son were watching the Cowboys play the Titans on “Monday Night Football.”

“He told me, ‘If the Cowboys lose, I really want to write a letter,’” Jimenez, said with a laugh. “So, I was like, ‘Okay.’” Then he made it clear that the letter would be aimed at Jones.

Sure enough, Dallas fell to Tennessee — after the second-grader went to bed, it being a school night and all — giving the Cowboys a 3-5 record. “The first thing he asked me when he woke up was, ‘Did we win?’” Jimenez said. “When I told him no, he said, ‘Okay, I’m writing this letter after school.’”

“Dear Mr. Jones,” the letter began, respectfully enough, before Rylan identified himself. He noted that his family members have been “Dallas Cowboys fans since the team was started,” that he has “a lot of Cowboy gear” and has met Dallas players such as star running back Ezekiel Elliott and former tight end Jason Witten.

That’s when Rylan dropped the “WE SUCK” bomb, saying of his mother to Jones, “Every game day she is yelling at the TV and turns off the game. We are wanting to believe in the boys but its hard.”

Well after my baby heard that we lost last night(his bed time is 8:30) he said he was going to write JJ a letter after...

Posted by Kayla Jimenez on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

At that point, it was Garrett’s turn to take some heat. Rylan referred to the coach’s widely mocked penchant for clapping at his team while on the sideline even through all manner of futility on the field, in writing, “I hope ‘Coach Garrett’ is clapping if this letter gets to you.”

“I laughed and laughed before I posted it,” Jimenez told WFAA. “But he’s saying what everyone is thinking.”

Rylan was hardly alone in letting his frustrations with the Cowboys — and with Jones in particular — be known this week. None other than Troy Aikman, the team’s three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback who’s now a Fox Sports analyst, called for “a complete overhaul of the entire organization.”

“Go through the list, and this team, over a long period of time, has been what it’s been,” Aikman said. “ … You can’t just can’t simply replace head coaches and say, ‘Now it’s going to be better.’ No, it’s been shown that it’s not better. And you have to address how everything is being done.”

“And there’s been times where I’ve heard Jerry say, ‘Okay, look, we’re going to do it differently. I’m going to do it differently.’ But it’s the same. Nothing changes,” Aikman added. “And that, to me, is the bigger issue.”

“They’ve broken my heart a little bit,” Rylan told the station. “They’ve been doing a good job, but I just want them to win every time.”

The youngster also wanted to get in a few more jabs in his letter. Just before his crack about the cheerleaders, he pointed to the offseason departure of longtime wide receiver Dez Bryant, known for his crossed-arms, “X” celebration. “See what happens when Dez X is gone??” Rylan wrote.

Assuming Jones read the letter, it couldn’t have put him in the best mood. But at least the beginning and the end of it were nicely polite.

“I do not want to hurt your feelings,” the last line said. “Thank you, Rylan.”

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