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A Caps fan traveled to Antarctica to remind the penguins who won the Stanley Cup

A Capitals fan recently took trolling the Penguins (and penguins) to new heights in the world’s southernmost continent.

On Wednesday, 29-year-old Sampson Coe posted a photo on Facebook of himself at the Antarctic Peninsula, his jacket unzipped despite the minus-5 Celsius temperature, to reveal a Capitals Stanley Cup champions T-shirt. A waddle of penguins is visible in the background, and Coe’s accompanying caption is perfect: “Travelled all the way to Antarctica just to remind the penguins in person that we got the cup!”

“Been planning something along those lines since we booked the trip last year, well before the boys lifted Lord Stanley,” Coe, who is from Centreville, said in a chat Thursday via Facebook Messenger.

Coe and his wife, Lorelei, are in the midst of one-year sabbatical that will take them around the world. They began their journey, with plans to visit every continent, in mid-August in the Galápagos Islands and then made their way south through the Andes. They just returned from a 10-day voyage to and from Antarctica and will make a brief stop in Buenos Aires before continuing on to New Zealand and Australia.

“[We] had to pack light given the amount of ground we’re covering (one backpack each), so I only have a few T-shirts in the rotation,” Coe said. “I made damn sure that the Caps and Nats were represented.”

Indeed, Coe already has a photo of himself rocking the red at Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats and wearing a Nats T-shirt atop Machu Picchu in Peru.

The couple has been streaming Capitals games when they have strong enough WiFi, which Coe admits isn’t as often as they’d like.

“We’ll be in Malawi during the playoffs, so I’ll definitely have to figure something out by then,” he said.

Coe’s friend shared his photo with the penguins, which was taken last week, on the Capitals' Reddit page on Wednesday. Fans loved it, obviously, because it belongs on the cover of National Geographic.

“NOT THE HERO WE DESERVED,” one Reddit user commented.

“This is brilliant,” another wrote.

“I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s comments and am glad that a lot of people are getting a kick out of it,” Coe said.

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