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Kareem Hunt is being booted from another sports franchise: Madden

Kareem Hunt is out of the NFL and now he’s out of the latest edition of the popular “Madden” video game. (Jason Hanna/Getty Images)

Kareem Hunt, who was released by the Kansas City Chiefs after the release of video showing him assaulting a 19-year-old woman, is being removed by another sports franchise.

Electronic Arts, publisher of the Madden NFL video game, has begun removing the second-year player from the current releases of the game, an EA Sports representative confirmed to TMZ.

“We are in the process of removing Kareem Hunt from the Madden NFL 19 roster, Madden Overdrive and Madden Ultimate Team,” an EA Sports representative said in a statement (via TMZ). “Any of our players who currently have Hunt on their Ultimate Team will receive a replacement generic player with identical stats.”

Lisa Salters on Kareem Hunt interview: 'I felt more emotion from him when the cameras were off'

Hunt had been placed on the NFL’s commissioner’s exempt list before his release after video surfaced showing him pushing and kicking a young woman at a hotel in February. He became a free agent Monday after going unclaimed on waivers.

Hunt apologized for the actions in an interview with ESPN’S Lisa Salters on Sunday morning, saying, “I’m definitely not that type of person. My mother raised me right. I was raised by my mom and my grandma and it was just us. They’ve always taught me well and I know right from wrong. I’m a person who always wants to make everyone happy.”

Lisa Salters on Kareem Hunt interview: ‘I felt more emotion from him when the cameras were off’

“It was definitely some things that were said and did that I did not like,” Hunt continued. “That’s not an excuse. That person in that video did not deserve that. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody or anything like that. It’s tough because I feel like I let a lot of people down. I just want to apologize to everybody, the Chiefs organization, my family and close friends.”

The move by EA Sports mirrors a similar decision in 2014 when it removed former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice from Madden 15 after video of him punching his then-fiancee emerged. EA also has removed former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez from Madden and its college football video games after he was charged with murder in 2013.

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