For all his faults, and Redskins fans may disagree how numerous they were, Kirk Cousins provided stability at the quarterback position rarely seen in Washington. Before signing with the Vikings in March, Cousins became the first Redskins quarterback to start every game in three consecutive seasons since Joe Theismann from 1981 to 1984.

Reliable veteran Alex Smith, who had started all but four games over his previous five seasons in Kansas City, was expected to usher in a new era of stability for the Redskins after he was acquired in a trade, but those plans were dashed when Smith suffered a devastating leg injury against the Texans last month.

When Smith’s replacement, Colt McCoy, fractured his leg in Monday’s loss to the Eagles, the Redskins' quarterback carousel was back in full spin. Mark Sanchez, who was signed the day after Smith went down and took his first snaps since 2016 in relief of McCoy, will start for Washington on Sunday against the Giants.

It’s well known that the Browns are the measuring stick against which the speed of every other team’s quarterback carousel should be judged. Rookie Baker Mayfield is the Browns' 30th starting quarterback since the NFL returned to Cleveland after a three-year absence in 1999. The Bears are a distant second on the list, with 23 starting quarterbacks used during that time.

Sanchez, who has previously started for the Jets and Eagles, will be the Redskins' 18th starting quarterback since 1999, tying Washington with the Buccaneers and 49ers for 10th most in the league in that span. NFL teams have used an average of 15 starting quarterbacks since 1999. The Tom Brady-led Patriots have used the fewest (5), followed by the Giants and Packers (6 each) and Chargers (7). The Cowboys have used an NFC East-most 20 starting quarterbacks over the last 20 years.

Can you name every Redskins quarterback since 1999? Answers below.

Redskins Starting Quarterbacks: 1999-Present (Win-Loss Record)


Brad Johnson (10-6)


Brad Johnson (7-4)

Jeff George (1-4)


Jeff George (0-2)

Tony Banks (8-6)


Shane Matthews (3-4)

Patrick Ramsey (2-3)

Danny Wuerffel (2-2)


Patrick Ramsey (4-7)

Tim Hasselbeck (1-4)


Mark Brunell (3-6)

Patrick Ramsey (3-4)


Mark Brunell (9-6)

Patrick Ramsey (1-0)


Jason Campbell (2-5)

Mark Brunell (3-6)


Jason Campbell (6-7)

Todd Collins (3-0)


Jason Campbell (8-8)


Jason Campbell (4-12)


Donovan McNabb (5-8)

Rex Grossman (1-2)


Rex Grossman (5-8)

John Beck (0-3)


Robert Griffin III (9-6)

Kirk Cousins (1-0)


Robert Griffin III (3-10)

Kirk Cousins (0-3)


Robert Griffin III (2-5)

Kirk Cousins (1-4)

Colt McCoy (1-3)


Kirk Cousins (9-7)


Kirk Cousins (8-7-1)


Kirk Cousins (7-9)


Alex Smith (6-4)

Colt McCoy (0-2)

Mark Sanchez (Will start Sunday)

(Source: Pro Football Reference, with an assist from this 2013 Deadspin post.)

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