Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the 2013 NFL Honors. It was a little awkward. (A.J. Mast/Invision/AP) (AJ Mast/Invision/AP)

The Green Bay Packers now have an opening for a head coach, which raised the delicious, demented and devilish possibility that there’s really, truly only one person for the job. A certain Hall of Fame Packers quarterback. A former gunslinger who, as a volunteer coach, helped lead a high school team to a Mississippi high school championship a few years ago.

The name’s Favre. Brett Favre.

Reached by TMZ Sports, Favre quickly shot down the idea (which everyone knows would never, ever work). “Believe me, that’s not going to happen,” he said.


“How can you not be intrigued by that?” Favre asked. “They would never offer, but even if they would, that’s . . . I’m not ready for that and neither are they.”

Still, the guy who retired and unretired and retired again, added the proviso that “I’ve learned to never say never.”

So it’s definitely happening. Kidding! There are all sorts of stumbling blocks. For one, there’s the presence of Aaron Rodgers, with whom Favre had a chilly relationship when the Packers drafted him and let him back up Favre for three years. “My contract doesn’t say I have to get Aaron Rodgers ready to play. Now hopefully he watches me and gets something from that,” Favre famously said in 2005. They’ve warmed to one another a bit over the years, with Favre mentioning last summer that they’d discussed the 2005 quote.

“We talked about that,” Favre said. “He said, ‘I get it now. I get what you were saying, or how you carried yourself.’ . . . “There is no clause that says ‘You groom the next guy who’s going to take your job, or else.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

That thawing doesn’t mean that Rodgers, a proud “Celebrity Jeopardy” champion who prides himself on his smarts, could welcome a guy to whom Ty Detmer once had to explain the nickel defense.

Favre was a different kind of quarterback, playing at a different time.

“It was the first time I’d been around anybody that just kind of winged it,” Detmer told The Big Lead in 2017. “You could tell the first year he got to play, first year in Green Bay, Don Majkowski was the starter and [Favre] goes in, and he wasn’t great at remembering the formations. Back then we didn’t have the coach-and-quarterback helmet. We had to memorize all the formations, and we would signal in the play. You had to know the formation for that play that week, and they changed it every week. You knew he didn’t really have a great grasp on the formations and didn’t really study them as hard as they needed to be studied to be able to call them every week. He was a genuine guy that loved playing the game, but didn’t really put a ton of time into it.”

Which pretty much flies in the face of being an NFL coach. So, seriously, he isn’t going to be walking the sidelines on the frozen tundra. In fact, Favre even suggested names to TMZ, listing former Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and Eagles Coach Doug Pederson, his former teammate in Green Bay.

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