You know that feeling when you’re watching a soccer game, and it’s really cold, and the stadium is mostly empty, and then the referee makes a bad call, and you’re upset at the call, and so you decide to throw a snowball at the referee? And then another one? And another? And another?

And then other fans start throwing snowballs? And then by continuing to throw the snowballs, you begin to feel part of a community, that you have something intrinsically in common with these other snowball hurlers, and you begin to rediscover the common humanity you all share, and you find that beautiful and suddenly you feel warm amid all that snow?

You know, that feeling?

Then you may feel at home among the fans of Serbian side Partizan Belgrade, who watched their team play to a scoreless draw against Macva Sabac on Friday.

The temperatures in Belgrade on Friday hovered around freezing. The game ended in a (frustrating) scoreless draw. Left back Slobodan Urosevic drew a red card late in the first half, leaving Partizan to play the remaining 45 minutes with only 10 men.

And in the 85th minute in a match that it seems fans just wanted to end, someone kicked the ball out of bounds. The assistant referee granted a throw to Macva. This upset Partizan fans. They began throwing snowballs.

Watch the very one-sided snowball fight:

The assistant referee tried to shrug off each landing blow. But then more rained (blizzarded?) down.

The head referee called him off the sideline to escape the range of the fans. Players turned to the stands to urge the fans to cut it out. But tensions did not cool. In the 90th minute, the referee handed out four yellow cards, two to each team. Then added eight minutes of stoppage time.

There were no more reports of snowball attacks.

According to Serbian publication Telegraf, Partizan did not want to play Friday’s game because of the inclement weather, which had already blanketed the field, but SuperLiga officials insisted. Partizan officials are now considering leaving the league, Serbia’s top flight, according to the report. The club is currently in third place in the 16-team league.

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