It was only a matter of time before the NFL’s foremost lover of ketchup, Patrick Mahomes, lined up an endorsement deal. The moment arrived Wednesday, with an ad reflecting both his love of squeezing the condiment over food and of pumping iron.

The ad is below, but first a warning: If you’re like many who reacted to it shortly after its release, you may be grossed out by the slathering scene.

Yup, that’s a heaping helping of mac and cheese getting drowned in you-know-what, with Mahomes only too happy to reveal that he’s now a pitchman for Hunt’s. While some expressed mild surprise that Heinz didn’t follow through on an earlier dalliance with the prolific quarterback, others were appalled at what they saw.

Of course, no one who’s been keeping tabs on the Mahomes-ketchup story would have been shocked at what they saw, except perhaps at the sheer volume of it being applied to a helpless serving of mac and cheese. The second-year quarterback, who’s been drowning opponents in touchdown passes, copped to being a fan of that combination after a November ESPN feature revealed he also enjoys putting ketchup on, well, just about everything, including steak.

While Omaha Steaks frowned at that practice, the folks at Heinz quickly jumped in with an offer. If Mahomes, who at the time had thrown 31 touchdowns in just 10 games, could reach 57 for the season, breaking Peyton Manning’s record of 55, the company would provide him with ketchup “for life.”

Mahomes now has 45 through 14 games, a stunning total for any quarterback, let alone one in his first season as a starter, but he’d need a fairly unthinkable 12 in his final two to meet Heinz’s mark. Not that it matters at this point, as he’s cast his lot with a rival ketchup purveyor, saying in a news release that he was “thrilled” to do so.

“I’ve been a fan of ketchup for as long as I can remember, and the thick, rich flavor of Hunt’s ketchup delivers every time,” said Mahomes, in what totally sounded like a spontaneous comment. While Yahoo Sports pointed out that Mahomes had actually told them his “favorite, probably, is the Whataburger ketchup," the new ad prompted concerns that Chiefs fans might engage in another horrifying round of the #PatMahomesChallenge.

That trend, which went viral last month after the ESPN article emerged, involved consuming ketchup in unlikely ways. The Chiefs' Tyreek Hill showed he was up for the challenge — even using Hunt’s, well before the deal with Mahomes was made official — but he would only go so far as to prepare a nothing-but-ketchup sandwich, while others went to much darker places.

Oh, were you about to have breakfast? Apologies for quite possibly causing readers to lose their collective appetites, but that does segue nicely to other recent Mahomes-related endorsement news.

According to Ad Age, he’s close to launching a signature breakfast cereal called Patty Flakes. Presumably, the commercial for that product will show the quarterback cheerfully pouring milk over … um, he will use milk, right? Not, you know — oh dear, it’s too awful to even contemplate.

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