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Nats allow season-ticket holders affected by the shutdown to postpone monthly payments

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As the partial shutdown of the federal government dragged into its third week, the Washington Nationals offered a reprieve to season-ticket holders affected by the furlough. In an email to Nats Plus members on Monday, the Nationals announced that employees or the spouses of employees of federal agencies affected by the shutdown may postpone their monthly ticket payments beginning this month.

“We realize that many of our fans are facing challenges due to the ongoing federal government shutdown,” the email reads. “For those of you who are employed by federal agencies impacted by the shutdown, we want to make sure that your NATS PLUS plan isn’t adding to your stress. So, the Washington Nationals are offering NATS PLUS members who are employed by federal government agencies impacted by the closure, or who have a spouse employed by those agencies, the option to postpone your monthly ticket payments. The postponement would begin with the scheduled January 15 payment, continuing until the federal government is back up and running.”

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It’s anyone’s guess as to which will happen first: Bryce Harper makes his free agency decision or the federal government reopens.

According to the Nationals, once the federal government reopens, the “next scheduled payment will be for the amount of the full missed payment(s). Subsequent payments will return to your normal monthly installments, until your account is paid in full by June 15, 2019.”

If the federal government remains shut down on Feb. 1, season-ticket holders’ Feb. 15 payment will be postponed. If the federal government remains shut down on March 1, season-ticket holders’ March 15 payment will be postponed.

Season-ticket holders affected by the shutdown are encouraged to contact the Nationals' Membership Services team, either by calling 202-675-6287 or by emailing Fans will be asked to provide “verifiable documentation that you or your spouse are employed by a federal government agency impacted by the shutdown.”

Fans who wish to maintain their current payment schedule do not need to take any action.

The Nationals also announced five of the six players who will be featured as bobblehead giveaways this season, and that six-game bobblehead ticket packages are now on sale. This year’s bobbleheads will include Juan Soto (April 12), Trea Turner (May 15), Max Scherzer (June 21), Adam Eaton (July 2), Patrick Corbin (Aug. 17) and a player to be announced later (Sept. 13).

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