Billboards celebrating "St. Nick" Foles are up around Philadelphia to celebrate the Eagles' playoff run. (Dave Peacock)

For Dave Peacock — and for the city of Philadelphia, he says — there’s a feeling of strange familiarity watching Nick Foles, bathed in composure, lead the Eagles on another winter winning streak.

It was a year ago that Foles led the Eagles to Philadelphia’s first Super Bowl title, after starting quarterback Carson Wentz went down during Week 14 of the regular season with a torn ACL. In the offseason, the Eagles chose not to trade Foles in case a similar situation arose in the 2018-19 season.

Well, it did, and once again, Peacock, the general manager of billboard company Lamar Advertising, has reprised his roadside good luck charms.

Just as he did during last season’s Super Bowl run, he is beaming pro-Eagles messages on 20-foot by 60-foot billboards in 30 locations across the Philadelphia area.

A Nick Foles elf on a shelf is a popular billboard around Philadelphia. (courtesy of Dave Peacock)

Unlike last season, when the Eagles tore through the early part of the NFL season, the Eagles' situation was more dire this year when Foles took over for Wentz, who was sidelined by a broken vertebrae. They needed to win their final three games, and get help from elsewhere in the NFC, to clinch a wild-card spot. Sure enough, Foles threw for 962 yards and six touchdowns to lead Philadelphia to three straight victories.

As the Eagles polished off a 24-0 victory against Washington in Week 17, Peacock was on the phone with the staff that schedule what appears on Lamar’s 75 billboards in the region.

They cued up an old favorite on the sign at I-95 and Oregon Avenue in downtown Philadelphia: “St. Nick always delivers!”

And after the Eagles' miraculous win in Chicago on Sunday, belief is creeping back that perhaps Foles could lead the team to yet another NFL championship, Peacock said.

“You just got that vibe,” he said. “He just comes in and you forget that it was just February he won the Super Bowl. It’s less than a year later and we’re asking him to do it again.”

According to Peacock, plans are in the works for signs to celebrate each succeeding Eagles victory. With the team set to play the Saints in the divisional round Sunday, there are billboards around the city that read, “The only saint that matters: St. Nick,” and “Who Dat? St. Nick, that’s who,” a play on New Orleans’s favorite pump-up chant. (Lamar’s corporate office is based in Baton Rouge, and friendly trash talk with the Philadelphia branch has already begun, Peacock said.)

After the Eagles tipped Chicago’s potentially game-winning field goal Sunday night, resulting in the “double-doink heard round the world,” Lamar’s design team drew up a billboard ready to hit signs first thing Monday morning.

“Double-Doink!” it reads, above “#FlyEaglesFly.”

(Courtesy of Dave Peacock)

“It’s deja vu all over again,” Peacock said. “There’s some magic in there somehow. Everything had to go right for us to get to playoffs and then to see that ball hit the upright, it was incredible. You just sat there and said, ‘Wow.’”

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