After trialing over 150 players to form their first-ever roster, the Washington Justice arrived at an inaugural lineup of eight players, some with previous experience in the Overwatch League (OWL), others who spent last year in the developmental Contenders league. The Justice hopes it has the right combination to surprise OWL pundits who believe D.C.'s roster figures to rank near the bottom of the league in terms of talent.

Assistant GM Kate Mitchell, who constructed the roster, dismisses that talk as bulletin board material. Rather, she believes that a roster built around one of last season’s stars, Joon-Hwa “Janus” Song of the New York Excelsior, could significantly outperform expectations, setting a goal of reaching the season-ending playoffs in the Justice’s first season.

To preview the roster for the upcoming season, which begins for the Justice on Feb. 16 against the Excelsior, Mitchell provided her breakdown of each player, stating what she found so appealing about each acquisition.

For those who don’t follow Overwatch, there are three different positions on an OWL team: DPS (damage-per-second), Tank and Support. While DPS is pretty self-explanatory, Tanks are vital not only for their offensive capability, but also because they create space, allowing teammates to maneuver and achieve objectives on any given map. Supports have both offensive and defensive capabilities, including the ability to heal teammates.

Janus – Main Tank: He’s creative and took strategies that other main tanks just didn’t do. He is one of the most entertaining players to watch in all of Overwatch.

Fahzix – Support: He has incredible leadership and might have been the best communicator in the entire trials process. He plays everyone in the support category. He’ll be a veteran presence on the team and is a great locker room guy and solid professional.

Hyeonu – Support: He really distinguished himself in the trial process and is one of our exciting prospects for the future. He’s a diamond in the rough.

Corey – DPS: He might be the best mechanical aimer to come out of the United States. Watching him acquire targets is amazing. He has great maturity and he communicates well.

Stratus – DPS: He’s only 17 and is our ace in the hole. He can pick up any hero and grind it out. He will miss the first two matches of the OWL season because he’s ineligible until he turns 18. Fortunately for the Justice, he turns 18 very early on in the season.

Ado – DPS: Ado was a gift. I can’t believe Shanghai let him go. Their roster just never jelled. He’s a flashy player who can make highlight-reel plays. He’s also flexible and durable if the meta (the style of the game) ever changes.

Gido – Support: I am absolutely delighted that we got the chance to work with him. He has excellent ability on flex support and is also a top-level DPS option.

Sansam – Tank: He demolished in tryouts. He’s a lesser-known name, but he had great cohesion with Janus and does the little things right.

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