Find someone who looks at you the way Matt Bockhorst looks at a Big Mac. That was one takeaway after Clemson celebrated its national college football championship with a fast food feast at the White House.

Bockhurst, a 6-foot-4, 310-pound offensive lineman, could not hide his appreciation as he eyed the buffet line, a fact that was made clear by a viral photo of him on Twitter.

Bockhorst saw the social swirl he’d created and responded.

“I mean, you’re not just gonna NOT eat the Big Macs stacked in a pile, right?” he asked on Twitter, a remark that earned more than 6,000 retweets.

But he wasn’t done. To one user, the pre-business major jokingly noted that he “pocketed two chicken wraps and a quarter pounder.” To another who maligned fish sandwiches, the redshirt freshman from Cincinnati wrote that “The Filet-O-Fish is a Catholic staple. I can not complain.”

To a comment about potential chest pain, Bockhorst wrote that his chest “feels great, thank you for the concern.” Bockhorst wasn’t fazed, either, by the dozens and dozens of jokes about his tender beef-and-sauce-inspired gaze.

“I am a lover, not a fighter,” he wrote.

And when another user suggested that the “NCAA made billions off” Bockhorst, and all he got “was CTE and a Big Mac,” the lineman had a quick reply.

“And a scholarship, a stipend, an education, a head coach that cares and last but not least, a National Championship Ring,” he wrote. “Good night, Twitter.”

Late-night TV jokes aside, there’s no denying that, as Abraham Lincoln looked on pensively from a portrait, collegiate faces were stuffed and bellies were gorged. Shrimp cocktails? Not Monday night, with Trump himself springing for the McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King fare and Domino’s pizza because of the government shutdown. The Post’s Philip Bump estimated the cost at from $2,400 to nearly $3,000, and the resulting images were priceless.

It wasn’t just Bockhorst who was appreciatively eyeing the provocative fast food buffet extravaganza. Out were the healthy eating options college teams advocate for athletes. In (very in) was the stuffing of faces.

When the Tigers visited the White House after their 2017 title, the menu included finger food like shrimp and barbecue; Clemson receiver Hunter Renfrow then called the food “the best meal I’ve had in a year,” according to ESPN.

As Bockhorst demonstrated, the team’s enthusiasm was apparently not dented by the changed menu.

“They loved it. They lined up,” state Rep. Bruce Bannister told the State newspaper.

"“They all grabbed several [burgers] off the table,” Bannister said of the players. “They all recognized this was a chow line and they were lining up, filling it up.”

That was as Trump had predicted, when he explained why he rejected greener options.

“Do we give you some little quick salads that first lady will make, along with the second lady; they’ll make some salads,” the president recounted. “And I said, ‘You guys aren’t into salads.' … Or do I send out for about 1,000 hamburgers?”

The comments drew a laugh from the attendees as Trump listed the establishments — “all American companies” — whence the food came. “We have Big Macs, we have Quarter Pounders with cheese,” he said.

“We have everything that I like, that you like,” Trump continued, “and I know no matter what we did, there’s nothing you could have that’s better than that, right?”

There’s plenty of photographic proof.

As he spoke, Trump noted that he “just wanted to see what was left” and chuckled at the answer.

“Not much.”

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