Just how good is Tony Romo at doing color commentary for CBS’s NFL coverage?

So good he can see into the future. You may have noticed this habit from time to time since he slipped seamlessly into the booth with Jim Nantz before the 2017 season. Compilation videos all over the Internet show just how often he was in the minds of Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels during Sunday’s AFC championship game.

“He saw what you saw,” Nantz noted of Brady at one point, and thanks to Romo, who will call Super Bowl LIII for CBS, we all saw it.

“He should be a coach,” wrote receiver Emmanuel Sanders. “He called out everything they were doing.”

“No one in the sport had a better day today than Tony Romo,” wrote ESPN’s Mike Greenberg. “Just exceptional.”

“This is pure football genius,” wrote ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. “He’s calling — literally calling — plays before they happen.”

“Just called Tony Romo to see where I’m going to play next year,” joked Bryce Harper, baseball’s biggest free agent.

“Tony Romo is awesome at this,” wrote the Eagles' Chris Long, speaking for many.

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